Workshops & Private Lessons

Do you want to learn how to use your camera? How about nailing down the perfect editing and archiving workflow that works specifically to what you want to do? Or, are you just intrigued with the images that you’re seeing and want to learn about the process that goes on behind the scenes?

Joanna Wojewoda is now offering private photography lessons tailored directly to your needs. She’s a passionate and engaging photographer with over a decade of professional experience behind the lens as well as retouching using a combination of Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture1.

Before becoming an official instructor at GTA Photography School, Joanna has mentored many up and coming photographers, business owners and hobbyists who, with a bit of guidance, have gained confidence and knowledge on shooting, editing, workflow, advertising, marketing, social media management and strategy - in other words the overall business of photography,


Lessons can range from the basics (how to use your fancy new digital camera) to the essentials (sorting, organizing, and archiving files, workflow, tethered  shooting) and more advanced concepts (post-production, editing).

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Are you interested in expanding your photography knowledge in a group setting?! You can take one of the workshops that Joanna is teaching at GTA Photography Classes.

GTA Photography Classes was founded in 2009 by Ana Belic built on a foundation of intense photographic passion. They offer workshops and classes for adults, and summer camps for children. The classes and workshops emphasize giving students the confidence to use their equipment in a fun, open and collaborative environment.  Oh! And, GTA Photography is accredited by the Ontario Camps Association and was named as one of the Top 10 Photography Classes in Toronto by BlogTO. You may have noticed GTA Photography Classes also featured in kids’ CBC, blogTO, CosmoTV, The Globe and Mail, Today’s Parent, hug, photo ed magazine, Narcity and Notable.