Grandma's Chickens

When I visited Poland 2 years ago, I went to see Krakow, one of Europe’s uber cool hotspots and for a few days were sight seeing the little towns outside of the city and hanging out with chickens!

Turns out most people living in this country’s countrysides have chickens! Such smart and beautiful animals. The freer the happier—they and their eggs.

The Polish chickens I got to hang out with are super happy, basically living in nature, so more free than ‘free run’ or ‘range,’ more like ‘free free’ chickens.

It really couldn't get any better....

Munch Mag

I'm super excited to share that my granola recipe and photos were published in Munch Mag. See the recipe and the rest of the issue here!

Shuko Bakes Gluten-Free and Vegan for Boxcar

I'm posting this just a wee bit late, but I love these images (although, I loved the cake more!) of this delicious Beet Kale Chocolate cake! Last January, I had the pleasure of interviewing Shuko, an incredibly gifted and versatile baked. At the time, she was supplying Boxcar Social with her yummy baked goods. You can now find her baking away at Neo Coffee Bar.

To read the whole interview, visit Wild Thyme Blog!

Stay Cool with This Smoothie!

Hot July weather calls for a refreshing cold smoothie to keep you cool. I'm obsessively making this delicious pineapple raspberry banana smoothie!! You can find the recipe on Wild Thyme Blog.

What are your favorite ways to stay cool during hot summer weather?

2.0 Toronto May Workshop at Misfitstudio

I recently photographed 2.0 Toronto Master Workshop at Misfitstudio – an experience in movement, discussion and connection with Julian Ho explaining why Garnet Suidy and Amber Joliant do what they do. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of this event and be surrounded by such wonderful, driven individuals beaming with nothing but positive energy! 

This Sunday, you can be a part of one of Julian's workshop at Ferris 360 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm! Here are some amazing words by Julian about this upcoming event:

This SUNDAY, experience the beginnings of a new realm of 'Fitness'. 
The industry as we know it is ever-changing and evolving. But not through trends and systems, through deeper principles of interconnection, activism, humanitarianism, and collaboration. 
I believe there is a need for connectors in our slowly but surely disconnecting society (disconnecting of the self), and this 2.0 effort is one vessel to bridge the gap and keep us together. 
You never know if you never try. 
Join us on the journey.

Register here – spots get filled quickly!!

Green Juice

The topic of green juices seems to be a somewhat polarized subject. The two extreme points of view oscillate between claims that such juices heal Parkinson’s to assertions that their detoxifying potentials are outright harmful. Added also to the general consensus is that these juices are, to put it lightly, not very tasty.

A solution to the last issue is easy enough — stop making crummy tasting juices and try the delicious recipe here!

Lodestars Anthology Issue 3

A few images I shot of the 3rd issue of Lodestars Anthology. For more information and to buy a copy go to their online shop! You can also read an in depth review of Issue 2: Scottland on Wild Thyme Blog.

Blueberry Cereal